We are not a public catering! We are the hospitality industry!

There were guests from Geometria.ru in mr.Batler restaurant, who managed to make a couple of good shots and talk to our chef Ilya Konarev.

Features of cooking steaks, leadership in the kitchen and a strong male character – read all this in the interview.

Ilya, Hello! Please tell our readers a little about yourself, how did you realize that being a cook is your vocation?

Ilya: “Hi! Since my childhood my parents have been saying that my brother Artem is a born programmer, and I am a cook. You know, in times of shortage all of us experimented as we could in the kitchen. From this moment I began to disassemble all dishes and it incredibly fascinated me. Then I got “pastry chef” degree in Omsk college, after that I decided to gain experience in Moscow. After spending a year and a half in the capital, I returned to my small homeland – Omsk. Here I’m immediately started working in one of the famous Omsk restaurants. Further, I went to Sochi for experience, and later headed the Kolchak restaurant. By the way, at that time I was only 20 years old. ”

What are your further culinary goals?

Ilya: “I would say that my goal is to bring a Michelin star to our Siberian city. I also want to develop the direction of Siberian cuisine in my city. Now it is fashionable in the culinary field to develop within one kitchen, experimenting with others. For example, in the menu of mr. Batler restaurant there is no one position, except salmon, which is not produced by local farms or personally by our cooks. We make everything by ourselves, the full production cycle takes place in the restaurant’s kitchen. My cherished dream is a restaurant of truly Siberian cuisine. And the reflection of this dream you can see in our project.”

Who cooks in your family? Do you surprise your family with culinary masterpieces too?

Ilya: “At home my wife usually cooks and I rest”

Please tell us about the new project mr.Batler. What is the concept of the restaurant? What are the features?

Ilya: “The project is aimed at Omsk, I would say, it is for Omsk residents and for the sake of Omsk residents. We want the restaurant to be a cozy place in which guests are always welcome. We stick to the policy of democratic prices and are ready to change the idea of a restaurant as a luxury item. “Mr. Batler ” is not really expensive, tasty and Siberian. In pricing we work for volume, not for extra charge. Local farmers deliver selected meat and producing cheese according to the recipe which we have created. This restaurant was created to impress and surprise guests with unusual combinations of the most common ingredients! ”

Who is he – the guest of «mr. Batler» restaurant?

Ilya: “We have no specific target audience, we are welcome to each guest. Our prices are affordable for a student, a successful businessman or a good couple of retirees! We hold business meetings, family evenings with children, and romantic dates. Mr.Batler restaurant is not a way out. Our guest understands this very well. With this conviction, we want to develop a food culture in Omsk. We don’t have dances or karaoke, we are fully focused on gastronomic masterpieces and comfortable pastime in the walls of the restaurant. ”

Which dishes from the menu of mr. Batler restaurant do guests order most often? What is especially surprising for the guests in the restaurant?

Ilya: ” The most popular are line of smoked products and sausages of our own production. Also, the hit of the restaurant can be called “Osso-Buko” – stewed Italian steak, nourishing lamb shoulder and other meat delights. In fact, our guests are surprised not so much by the dishes but by the serving and the bill. ”

Is it difficult to be the Head of the kitchen?

Ilya: ” For me – no. It all depends on the temperament of a person. I am a sanguine person. It is easy for me to switch from task to task plus I have much experience… I have been working in this field for more 14 years. I am not a newbie, and for me the multitasking mode and process management is already a natural thing.”

With what will surprise “mr.Batler” in the summer? Is it true that there will be a veranda?

Ilya: “Yes, there will be a small summer zone and a special seasonal menu. In general, the entire restaurant menu is floating. We constantly change a number of positions. Every 1.5-2 weeks we add new dishes to the main menu of the restaurant, and also lunch menu is changed weekly, so our guests always have a good choice to taste something new. And now I’m looking forward to flowering, to create desserts using wildflowers. Soon my team and I are going to pick berries to surprise the guests with a new author’s presentation and recipe. ”

80% of products are of your own production. Your own butcher shop. What other advantages can be found in the walls of mr. Batler?

Ilya: “In addition to smoked meats and sausages homemade semi-finished products in marinated spices will appear in the nearest future. Don’t forget the barbecue season is coming! We will reinforce the proposed semi-finished products with videos with instructions about how to cook them really properly and tasty. And, an important moment, there is no chemistry in the composition of our products, only natural and safe ingredients. We even cook sauces and bread on our own. ”

What is the most important thing in the work of the chef?

Ilya: “All is simple. To love your work and to do it with all your heart. “Mr. Batler” is not a public catering. We are the hospitality industry! It can be felt in the work of our entire team, starting from the heart of the restaurant – the kitchen, ending with the hall. I love our guests, especially to communicate with them. Sometimes I go out to the hall to tell more about the dishes of the restaurant. ”

Which dishes from the menu items are the most difficult to prepare?

Ilya: “Without any doubts, it’s dry-smoked sausages. The cycle of their preparation takes 2 months! We also do a lot of work to make Prague ham, pork leg and jamon. For example, my new year plan is to surprise guests with a special meat refinement, and the period of its ripening is 1 year, yes, so long. Now everything is going according to the plan ”

“The way a person cooks determines his character.” Do you agree with this expression? How do you understand it?

Ilya: “I agree. The way you cook shows the way you treat your work. Personally I pass every guest’s review about the dishes and the atmosphere of our restaurant through myself. I am delighted with admiration and correct my work, if I face negative comments. I am a perfectionist. Everything must be perfect.

What cuisine do you prefer? What are your favorite dishes?

Ilya: “My favorite cuisine is my wife’s. I don’t highlight any cuisines of the world or individual dishes. At the moment, I think that food is an ordinary human need. I’m trying to stick to healthy food. And at work, I create culinary magic for our guests. If we talk about favorites and idols in the field of culinary business, I can mention the chef Paul Bocuse, I am look upo to his cooking techniques. ”


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