Superheroes in Omsk

To be a superhero does not necessary mean to have an incredible abilities … think all, who do not have them 😉

But there are real superheroes in our mr.Batler team (they passed through fire, water and copper pipes, but this is not accurate) . The master of the mr. Batler’s kitchen is a chef Ilya Konarev! He knows how to juggle with knives and can fry Michelin star-quality meat.

Chef-bartender Philipp knows a lot about quality drinks and he will show you how to shake up, but not to mix!

Our manager, Vadim, is a leader by nature. He leads the mr. Batler team and he will show each guest what the real Siberian hospitality means.

Dmitry is a man-responsibility. He has a phenomenal memory and will not forget your order in mr. Batler restaurant.

Barwomen Veronika is an embodiment of cheerfulness. She will meet you at the bar of mr.Batler and will treat you with a delicious drink, after which you will definitely want a second one!

Are you already familiar with Valeria?

She knows what red semi-dry is combined with and has a superpower not to be confused in the degrees of roasting meat.


It seems that you have just gotten under protection of one of our superheroes. Now you know each of them. They are ready to save you from starvation, you only need to schedule your visit to mr.Batler restaurant.

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